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10-18-2012, 06:13 AM
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Quick questions on the new provision in the proposed CBA:

1. Is it that you can trade "cap hit" amount in the deal of up to $3M?
2. Is it that you can trade "salary" in the deal up to $3M (meaning trading team sends acquiring team money)?
3. Or is it that of both "cap hit" AND "salary" in a deal?

I'm not asking about after Lu retires in 5 yrs because that was clear that the original cap hit would stay with the Canucks. I think the answer to the above could determine who can actually be involved in a deal. Cap hit aside, Luongo has a pretty hefty salary so teams on the lower end of the payroll scale wouldnt have been able to afford him. But if the answer to 2 or 3 above is yes, then that would increase the number of teams able to acquire him I believe.

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