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Originally Posted by Mathieu View Post
You obviously follow Bingo more than I do, but wasn't Lehner brought in after Bingo was arleady trailing 3-1 in the first serie ?

Also, the next three series all finished in less than 7 games.. not really sure what you're talking about.
We were down 3 games to 1 against the Monarchs in the first round. We won in 6 against Portland and swept Charlotte. It also should be noted that we played 6 OT periods in the first round against Manchester.

In all honesty, Brust just ran out of gas in that first series after a season where he was relied on to win big games night after night. I remember a few 50 shot nights in there too. He also was playing with an injury that was kept quiet. Lehner needed to pick up the slack and he did.

Can we just move beyond all of this debating? I think Lehner needs an entire season down in the AHL too. He needs to be the "man" and own it. Last year, he laid an egg. Plain and simple. Granted the defense wasn't that great with three ECHL players playing everyday and a "vet" player who'd rather drop gloves than play hockey. However, team game or not, Lehner did not play well last year. I know a lot of fans will get up in arms, but I watched the guy, and yes I want him to succeed. Bottom line is he just didn't have it last year, or he chose to ride the wave of "I'll be in the NHL eventually".

It wasn't until Bishop came over that Lehner started to show signs of caring about his play. The first two games this year, he looks like a man on a mission. THAT is all I want to see from this kid. THAT is what I wanted to see him do last season.

Having some pressure in the form of a 6'7" beast like Bishop is going to drive Lehner to greatness. By far, the best move that Murray has made since he took over. Mark it down.

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