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10-18-2012, 07:56 AM
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Originally Posted by KevFu View Post
For it to be close, they'd merely need to be doing their due diligence behind the scenes. While that might seem surprising for the NHL to be thinking ahead, working behind the scenes and planning things out proactively, instead of reactively, I consider the four conference realignment plan that leaked nearly a year ago and was adopted last December (before the NHLPA vetoed it on principle). We all expected 16 East/14 West to be revealed. And they went 16-14 West with DET/CBJ still in the Norris; TB/FLA brilliantly in the Adams. I was surprised at the forethought that went into it. And it has two EASTERN spots open.
I'm more prone to speculate that the reporter's speculation is in great part spawned from the realignment outcome proposal, rather than League EASTERN Expansion thinking being the cause for why the proposed realignment happened to turn out the way it did. Still say that the proposed realignment turned out that way because it was the only realignment that the League could get the sufficient majority agreement on. And all Exapansion speculation is seeded from that. But hey, I could easily be proven wrong; as I said, Expansion isn't implausible, and I think that it certainly could happen as early as 2015.

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