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Originally Posted by mschmidt64 View Post
Disagree completely. Teams shouldn't have to be stuck with bad contracts and players who can no longer play at a high level.

It's bad policy for the league to promote a standard where players who are actually not among the best in the world anymore are still forced onto the ice because of a bad financial decision. It decreases the quality of the competition for no good reason other than attempting to punish the team for handing out the bad contract.

If you say it's not fair to the player that the team can simply dump him and not pay the contract that both parties agreed to, well, then make it so he still gets his money.

But you have to allow teams to clear off bad players and bring up the good ones. That is the entire essense of competition and fielding the best possible team.

That's what the AHL stashing allows teams to do.

I think an even better idea would be to allow a team to buy-out the player contract for no salary cap hit. That way they can cut the player loose, and he can go play wherever he wants, but he still gets the money from the contract he signed.

The team is punished because they still have to pay the contract even though the player is gone, but the quality of the on-ice product is preserved by freeing up the cap space for that team to go sign someone else (or extend a player).

And you can set it up so that if the player does sign elsewhere, whatever he gets on the new contract is deducted from what the old team owes him.

There's no reason not to do something like that. No reason at all.
This entire post should be entitled "What I think a rich team like the Rangers should be able to do"

A handful of teams have the financial flexibility to sweep stupid mistakes under the rug. Financial flexibility that was created not by running the team well or putting a top notch product on the ice, but because they're fortunate to be located in New York, Toronto, etc. Take the blinders off and just try to think about this league wide. In a capped league, certain teams should not be able to sweep mistakes under the rug year after year while the majority of teams get one shot to sign a guy per decade and, if it blows up in their face, they're screwed.

Im actually thrilled the Rangers will need to put some skin in the game when it comes to their free agent signings. It should help prevent disasters like giving Wade Redden 6 years from ever happening again.

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