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Originally Posted by blue425 View Post
This type of response is part of the reason Americans are where they are health wise.

We want the biggest houses, the newest electronics, the best cars. And people are willing to pay top dollar for all of it. However when it comes to the food we eat people are willing to use the cheapest available options.

$1.99 eggs from chickens raised on crowded feed lots (and pumped full of drugs) are not the same quality as the $4-$5 eggs chickens raised on a pasture produce. If you believe that the $1.99 eggs are better tasting and better for you you must also think that a $10,000 car can match the performance of an $80,000 one.

You get what you pay for. Americans are willing to pay for quality everywhere except when it comes to what they eat.
When you consider the cost of feeding your average family of four, some people just don't have a choice but to go for the cheaper option. What's worse, is often times that "cheaper" option is still your largest monthly expense as a family.

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