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10-18-2012, 09:24 AM
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Originally Posted by 416Leafer View Post

People need to understand this. The proposed CBA revisions DO NOT affect the team trading for a contract like Luongo's one bit. It's the EXACT same to them as it would have been with the old CBA.

Responsible for both Luongo's cap hit and salary up until the point that he retires. If he doesn't want to retire, that means you could be holding onto that cap-hit several years after his play has significantly declined.
This isn't directed at you, but many fans of other teams can't have it both ways.

They were telling us before this was a bad deal even if he retired early, as with the new CBA they could be stuck with the cap hit, and so on. Now many are saying it changes nothing. They can only have it one way.

I agree to someone like Burke, this probably means very little, to Tallon Trading for cap space may be interesting, and who knows for anyone else.

But to HF posters, this should raise the value.

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