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10-18-2012, 09:35 AM
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The problem with Czinder is people think he is a player he is relatively not.

He is 6'5, 230. Okay, big body winger, we all assume he is a crash and banger right? Well we are relatively wrong. He lets up on checks or abandons them all together, he isnt a punisher. Typically for a big player that plays physically, you see a high number of penalty minutes, whether caused by being big, or truely being an agitator. With Czinder you dont get that. Last year he would have been 6th on Kitchener in penalty minutes, behind Thomson, Crescenzi, Genovese, Iafrate, Sol. All guys who play with a more physical presense, and in most cases are smaller player.

The guy had 3 points 2 years ago, and 30 last year, having only entered the league in the 3 point season.

If I had to guess, i'd think last year was more a fluke, or peak then what can be expected this season. At first I was excited too, but having watched him through preseason and the first 8 games, I'd rather him just be released and let one of the young kids play.

He hasnt brought anything to the team aside from his 2 years experience. As an O/A on a team that is supposed to compete, you had better bring more then that.

If I had my way Czinder and Hanes would be released, without even waiting for a better O/A to come along, and a message sent to Alberga to start giving a little more.

Rangers should have pony'd up for for Nathan Charilitti when they called about Alberga.

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