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Originally Posted by Chapin Landvogt View Post
At least at the moment all indications are that Parker Tuomie will likely have to move on after this season. 29 points in 10 DNL is a pretty crazy statline at this point. Since pretty much no player has done it, we shouldn't expect him to keep up a 3 PPG clip, but what he's doing at his age is wild. It looks like he definitely needs more competition and the physical fitness that will come with that (i.e. a CHL program or an USHL program, if he wants to go the NCAA route that his father did).

Expect him to be playing for Germany internationally this winter/spring and be taken in export drafts by North American leagues (maybe both of them). I'm sure he and his father will then seek out his options.

I'd be curious to hear your take on the other two players you mention per PM, if you feel up to it (ob auf Englisch oder Deutsch).

That actually goes for anybody here who's watching DNL games and would like to discuss what they're seeing.
Since I don't get to watch any games in the DNL, I can only base the following assumption on stats, but is it possible, that Tuomie's stats are a little inflated because of the huge gap between Mannheim and all the other teams?
Last year Berlin seemed to be almost equally good, while this year pretty much every team gets blown out by Mannheim.
So is this because they are much better than last year (with F.Tiffels, Draisaitl and Kahun) or are the other teams worse, or is it a bit of both?

But even if his stats were a bit inflated by playing on a stacked team, it's not like he's coming out of nowhere, since he had very good season in Düsseldorf last year where the team wasn't stacked.

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