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10-18-2012, 10:31 AM
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This is ironic in the sense both teams tried to get a franchise at the same position, and in the end, both failed.

Islanders trade Roberto Luongo, an italian-canadien, in anticipation of drafting Rick DiPietro, an italian-american, 1st overall with the intention of making DP their franchise guy. Luongo get traded to Florida, becomes their franchise guy and one of the leagues elite goalies.

Luongo gets traded from Florida to Vancouver for Todd Bertuzzi (who was a Canuck by means of another Mad Mike blunder) as MM thought he was to soft and traded him to Vancouver. Florida, fearing they couldn't sign Luongo longterm, acquired him to be a big-time powerwinger but he barely played do to a major injury and signed with the Ducks.

Islanders have no issue signing DP longterm, achieve modest success with him, but lose him to injury before he ever established himself. Essentially the opposite outcome of what happened with Florida.

In the end, both teams were left with nothing (save DP's albatross contract)

If you want to further add to it, Olli Jokinen, also apart of the deal, was traded for Ballard and Boynton. Ballard became Bernier, Grabner and Howden. Of the three, only Grabner is of note and he was lost to the Isles on waivers meaning from the original deal, the only team with assets still remaining from it are the Isles do to Grabner and that was by waivers. This is less ironic and more just completing the circle of lunacy.

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