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10-18-2012, 10:34 AM
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Originally Posted by damacles1156 View Post
Gary Bettman's job is not to make sure Hockey is played.

If that were the case the Owners would have fired him after the first lockout.

His job is too get a Deal the owners want. So far Bettman has done that, that is why he still has a Job. The First time Bettman does not get a deal the owners want...... He will no longer have a job.

I am not saying all the happenings in the NHL are not Bettmans (Ideas). But people that think Bettman is some cavalier running all over the owners are delusional.

Every move Bettman makes has the backing of what ever power group of owners run the show. It may not be every owner, but it's the owners that matter.
Or the guy wouldn't have a freakin job Period.
You are missing the point. His job description is to facilitate business. He is the ****ing CEO and they aren't working and he isn't part of the problem? I'm so over this whole debate because there really isn't one as far as I'm concerned.

The owners are *******s for hiring..
Gary Bettman who is an *******.
The players are *******s for hiring..
Donald Fehr who is a piece of **** (i had to differentiate him).

That is my two cents. They can all go to hell in a hand basket. They all share blame in this. $3.1 Billion (or whatever it is) and they can't figure it out. Well, this middle class american can't relate to any of them. They are all **** heads until further notice.

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