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Originally Posted by SupersonicMonkey View Post

And the Rangers and big market clubs are not the only clubs throwing money at players. Something some people refuse to acknowledge becaue it doesn't suit their agenda. Minnesota threw 100 million each at Parise and Suter. Nashville matched the 100 million offer sheet for Weber. Are Minnisota and Nashville big market clubs?

The Rangers don't play with any advantage. The big market clubs will have to hand out more in revenue sharing. So Minnesota and Nashville can spend however they want AND get charity from big market clubs? Who has the advantage? The big market clubs are being castrated.

Players who sign contracts, and can not play at a level to stay in the league, don't deserve to stay in the league. Plain and simple. The money is guaranteed. THATS the team's punishment. Getting sent down, thats the player's punishment. NO roster position should be guaranteed. The players have enough with guaranteed money. Continue to earn your right to stay in the league.

Players in the AHL should NOT, in any way shape or form, count against any NHL team's cap. Thats preposterous.

Furthermore, not every player in the AHL will ever play in the NHL. Not every player that is there, is because their affiliated NHL organization has the intent to promote them. A lot of those players are simply AHL veterans. Earning money to support their families. WHY should those contracts above 105k count against an NHL salary cap? Thats sheer lunacy.

Salary cap for the NHL. SEPARATE salary cap for the AHL.

THATS how it should work. And THAT will determine who or what contracts NHL clubs can stick in the AHL.

But the NHL and AHL caps should NOT be one and the same. Thats beyond idiotic.

The league really wants to castrate teams that are able to financially support themselves.

Draft better. Put a quality product on your ice. Fill your arena with fans who give two *****. Instill a culture of "we give a ****". And maybe you'll be able to support yourself.

This goes back to the REAL core issue. The league is too big. There are too many incompetent clubs. In markets where not enough people care. The league doesn't play to its strengths. It plays to its weaknesses.
Great post! I agree with every word you say on this issue.

The power is shifting to the weaker market owners at the expense of the strong market owners (more revenue sharing and greater restrictions beyond the basic salary cap) and the players (giving a greater and greater percentage of revenue to keep a less profitable league running). I can't believe there is talk of further expansion. Continued expansion without first making existing teams healthy and profitable while standing on their own feet is a bubble that will eventually burst.

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