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10-18-2012, 10:40 AM
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Originally Posted by HockeyCA View Post
Thank you for explaining to me the difference between revenues and net profit, because I was indeed not aware. It is quite obvious that the NHL made a profit last year. I am unable to find the exact number, but one can assume it was substantial. Thus, what the real issue in all of this is the net distribution of those profits among the other owners. Otherwise, it really is just greed isn't it? A group of Billionaires crying foul. Again, I reiterate, how can anyone support multi-billionaire league owners over farm boys and middle class kids who fought their way to make it. Does not make much sense to me.
Yeah it is greed. Greed from the players, greed from have owners and greed from the have nots.

How do you know where the NHL owners came from? Are you making an assumption they were born into wealth or something? Secondly, it is THEIR money and THEIR business. Do you dictate what you will get paid to your boss? The players are very lucky to have a union and be part of the process of negotiating their pay. You can call it greed or whatever you want but if you develop a very profitable business and a partner in your business is bleeding money and another is asking to take more of your profit, why would you want to throw money at a sinking ship?

The bottom line is until they all see themselves as partners, they aren't going to reach a deal. But blaming one side or the other is ridiculous because they are all part of the problem. And yeah, the owners and players are both greedy. If it weren't about money, they would be playing hockey right now.

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