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Originally Posted by Thesensation19 View Post
A lot of you seem to have totally differ rosters than what Stevie Y chose in 2010. I would assume he would keep the core of that roster, replace any guys who might be too old come that time and maybe add in more speed for the international rinks

2010 rosters at age in 2014
Martin Brodeur, 41 (New Jersey Devils) REPLACE
Roberto Luongo, 34 (Vancouver Canucks)
Marc-Andre Fleury, 29 (Pittsburgh Penguins)

So 2014 Roster will be most likely
Roberto Luongo, MA Fleury but then he would probably add in Carey Price, a guy who will probably have the best chance in winning the starting job.


Scott Niedermayer, RETIRED (Anaheim Ducks) REPLACE
Chris Pronger, RETIRED (Philadelphia Flyers) REPLACE
Shea Weber, 28 (Nashville Predators)
Drew Doughty, 24 (Los Angeles Kings)
Duncan Keith 30 (Chicago Blackhawks)
Dan Boyle, 37 (San Jose Sharks) REPLACE
Brent Seabrook, 28 (Chicago Blackhawks)

* I think the skating and poise that Scotti had is already replaced with a more mature Doughty. Pronger size and strength is already replaced with a more experienced and poised Weber. I think Steve Y will go after Mike Green, Kris Letang and Dion Phaneuf and one more to look at would be Alex Pietrangelo.

Starters would probably be
Shea Weber-Brent Seabrook
Drew Doughty- Kris Letang
Mike Green- Duncan Keith

FOrwards were

Sidney Crosby, 25 (Pittsburgh Penguins)
Rick Nash, 29 (Columbus Blue Jackets)
Jarome Iginla, 36 (Calgary Flames) REPLACE
Mike Richards, 29 (Philadelphia Flyers)
Joe Thornton, 34 (San Jose Sharks)
Patrick Marleau, 34 (San Jose Sharks) REPLACE
Ryan Getzlaf, 28 (Anaheim Ducks)
Brenden Morrow, 35 (Dallas Stars) REPLACE
Corey Perry, 28 (Anaheim Ducks)
Dany Heatley, 33 (San Jose Sharks)
Eric Staal, 29 (Carolina Hurricanes)
Patrice Bergeron, 29 (Boston Bruins)
Jonathan Toews, 25 (Chicago Blackhawks)

* honestly if this was once again being played on NHL arenas. I would probably say that everyone on here would be back on that team but with age coming into factor some of their speed will drop and it is needed for international rink. So Above I will place who i think needs to be replaced DUE to age and speed. The only guy I kept above the age of 33 was Joe Thornton who is dominating the Swiss Nat A league and shows that his playmaking makes up for his speed. His size would be needed too I think.

Replacing those three would probably be Steve Stamkos, Claude Giroux, Jamie Benn or Jordan Staal. I think Dany Heatley will miss the roster as well, so that can be another replacement. After that I would include Jordan Eberle.

Steve Stamkos- Sidney Crosby- Claude Giroux
Rick Nash- Jon Toews- Mike Richards
Ryan Getzlaf- Joe Thornton- Corey Perry
Eric Staal -Patrice Bergeron- Jamie Benn

Captain will probably be Sidney Crosby, Assistants will be Shea Weber
It's an interesting idea. Jamie Benn would not be on my team today, but who knows.......
The same for Hall, RNH, E.Kane or Skinner.

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