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10-18-2012, 01:11 PM
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I never thought the day would arrive that i would turn to HFboards for help and leadership.

My buddy and i are travelling to New York for a week from the 27th October till whatever date is the following week. Given i am in a state of post-graduate lounge bumming, dates are somewhat alien to me.

Unfortunately due to the NHL situation, i'm having to search for alternative US sports to watch. Given i'd rather walk on a Zebra crossing, lie down and take the hit than watch baseball, and i like the NFL to a degree, it seems the best available option.

I believe the only option during my visit is the Jets/Dolphin game on Sunday 28th, i was inquiring into A) The best site or avenue for purchasing tickets (and relatively cheap tickets, all i wish to do is drink beer and be obnoxious ) B) How far the stadium is from relative central NY. Wiki says the stadium is East Rutherford. I know NJ is close, but not sure how close. How easy/fast is it to get there.

Any help would be much appreciated. I've sent an angry email to Bettman, asking how he can ruin a little boys dream.

Hopefully i have not stumbled into the Giants fan base (although the stadium is the same i guess)!

Thanks, J.

May as well ask the additional question ; what are some of the best places to get lashed at? I am not visiting your lands for zoos or flowers.

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