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Originally Posted by JackSlater View Post
Thornton should not come back. In the 2006 Olympics (at his peak) Thornton was only adequate, and in 2010 he was a complete non-factor. A bigger issue is that Thornton realistically has to play centre, unlike someone like E. Staal. Crosby will occupy one centre spot, Toews will take another and presumably one of Stamkos/Giroux will take another. That leaves the 4th line spot for one centre, and Thornton certainly didn't work there in 2010. He's even less likely to work when he's four years older and skating will be more valuable.
I think they like his playmaking ability and size. Especially on the powerplay as hes asked to jus sit next to boards and make the play. Im watching 2010 vs Russia and before watched the Gold medal game and though you hardly see his line out there or notice it at least you will see him occasionally doing what he does best.

In 2014 can he be replaced... yes but honestly i think Canada loves having big bad players. Honestly. Big or small rink, its what Canada has always been about. Putting the most skilled guys out there but skill in Canada is how simple you play, how much poise you have and how big you act on the ice.

Heres a big issue currently... Crosby and Giroux are having some issues. They had some in the playoffs and its still a petty argument today as Yahoo Sport jus came out with an article on how Crosby is not sorry for playing hard on the faceoff while Giroux believes it was not accidental.

Even if they both are on the roster, idk how much well see of them on the same line.

Staal-Crosby-Iginla was the 2010 line. I think Giroux would make a perfect replacement for Iginla but if not then just try Nash on that line or put in Stamkos

Nash-Toews-Richards was a powerful line for Canada in 10, no need to change it. 3rd line against Russia but 1st against USA.

Marleau-Thornton-Heatly You might be able to replace this entire line. The big rink is huge factor. But i really think we all underrate Thornton. Big guy on faceoffs, pose on the PP and theres real no reason to replace this line just replace Marlaeu with either Jamie Benn or Jordan Staal

Morrow-Getzlaf-Perry Morrow might be the only one need to be replaced. You can replace him with Giroux. I think Giroux speed on this line would come in handy.

The beauty of Canada is that have so much talent and size. They can put out 4 even lines of even playing time and be valuable. But that big rink is a factor. Eberle speed would be useful but Benn would be useful on PK and hes not a slowpoke either. If anything you can replace Thornton with Eberle and have

Crosby, Staal, Stamkos
Toews, Nash, Richards
Getzlaf, Perry, Benn
Eberle, Giroux, Heatly

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