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10-18-2012, 02:17 PM
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Originally Posted by brs03 View Post
No, it's designed to keep player costs fixed. The parity that it brings is either an over-exaggerated selling point to the smaller markets, or a fringe benefit that sort of comes out of it.
It does allow for super teams though. Lets say the Rangers (or other rich team of your choice) have 5M in cap space. They can trade for TWO 5M players rather than just one by bribing the other team(s) to keep that 2.5M on their books. The issue of course is convincing the other team to keep paying that 2.5M in salary they'd still be on the hook for every year, but it IS a possibility.

My question is related to the length of keeping the cap hit - is it a recurring trade cost every year, is there a limit on the years of cap that can be traded, etc. I can't see a team being willing to carry a cap hit for more than 2 years without charging an exorbitant rate for it (with regards to rich teams accumulating talent, clearly the main reason for this is so rich teams can unload players they don't want for half their cap space in return).

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