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10-18-2012, 01:52 PM
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Originally Posted by Whydidijoin View Post
He got negative comments from every game. Go to any thread discussing it in a forum outside the Carolina board.

He was terrible in his own end. He had other players save him from mistakes. Just because (according to you) only one of his turnovers led to a goal doesn't make all his other countless turnovers alright. And yes, Hamilton did get some hate from that tournament too. But at least his was more from disappointment and unrealized expectations, and not blatant, terrible, selfish plays that put our entire team at risk.

I said these same things throughout the entire series and any time it came up afterwards. If you don't believe me, you can go looking through my posts for any post in a thread about this series. The overwhelming consensus was NOT how well Murphy played. In fact it was quite the opposite. Hell, you have people in this very thread telling you that you are flat-out wrong. Go look in any thread not in the Carolina board.

The only people who were praising Murphy were the ones that didn't watch the series, because "Oooh, 5 points, must be good!".

He was not the offensive catalyst (if any one player was, it was Rielly), and did not create the most scoring chances. He was a puck hog, and destroyed most of Canada's chances he was in on with stupid plays.

I actually liked Murphy before that series. But he almost cost us that series. And not from being overwhelmed, which I could understand. But from stupid, selfish plays.
Just because you keep repeating that doesn't make it so. Go find me threads of people saying those things after the first game, on any board, you won't find them. I'm not a Carolina fan, why would I be on the Carolina board thus not seeing "Everyone saying he was horrible"? And as I already said, it's not just these boards, it's the media as well. The response was universal, Murphy played great.

I was posting in the threads, I know that me and a handful of others were remarking "Where's the Murphy haters now?". And no, just because you're saying I'm wrong doesn't mean I am. Most of the people in this thread are either not talking the Russia series, or they're responding to you and saying you're crazy.

Saying "I used to like so and so before" isn't an arguement. Anyone can say that to try and make their arguement better. "I really hate Crosby and think that because of this but I used to like him before that so therefore my opinion is more valid". That's a ridiculous premise and conclusion.

You're saying completely incorrent things and when I called you out for it you're continuing to make more. Go figure. First by saying Murphy did things he did not, then by calling me a Carolina fan when I'm clearly not

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