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Originally Posted by MadArcand View Post
First of all, Francis was nowhere near the leech you guys try to paint him as in the Jagr-Francis relationship. They benefited eachother, and sure Jagr was the bigger factor, maybe by a 60-40 or 65-35 - but I don't see players like Kurri, Kariya, Leclair or Shanahan taking flak for playing with a better player and benefiting from it. And it's only right, since they (and Francis) were all great players in their own right.
It's not about giving anyone "flak" but we attempt to view everyone's numbers in proper context, and the above players are no exception. There's no double standard there.

And second, it's four seasons of greatness marred by Jagr's influence compared to just two. Gilmour's peak was short, distinct from his usual play level and came in extremely high scoring years, making it look better than it really is.
1993 and 1994 were not "extremely high scoring years". 1993 was lower scoring than even the lowest from the 80s, and 1994 was only the 6th highest scoring of the decade.

Except average GPG in 1993 playoffs was 6.84, and in 1992 just 6.40. Gilmour still comes out ahead, but not by 'a lot'.
If you adjust linearly based on league scoring, that takes a 29% edge down to 22%. that's still "a lot".

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