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10-18-2012, 02:34 PM
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Originally Posted by Bleed Ranger Blue View Post
You're acting like every team out there is poor because of their own doing. Theres PLENTY of teams out there that are run better than the Rangers, yet will never have their financial might.

The Rangers didnt earn this right by being some sort of model franchise. They backed into it by playing in a city with 8M people.
Honest question - why should it matter how the Rangers became one of the league's biggest earners? At the end of the day, they are, period. At the end of the day, the amount of visibility they bring to the sport and the amount of money they have and will increasingly contribute in revenue sharing benefits all teams.

With that luxury comes the ability to pay for world class travel accommodations, practice facilities, medical treatments, and scouting & development programs. Those are all significant advantages the Rangers have over smaller market teams. Should they be capped and regulated based on what the worst-off teams can afford?

If we are talking strictly about competitive balance on the ice, what really matters is the amount of cap dollars teams can spend in their NHL lineups. And in that instance, the rules are the same for all.

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