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10-18-2012, 04:13 PM
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Originally Posted by McNasty View Post
The players ended up with 57% of the revenue and a huge loophole that lets them get the majority of their money up front with cap circumventing deals that let them retire down the road and only sacrificing a small portion of their huge contract. None of what the owners are proposing is that ridiculous, sure there is some room for negotiation but the PA has proven time and time again to be unwilling to negotiate under anything but their terms.

The players need a dose of reality. 50/50 is going to happen and the best way for them to soften the blow is to not sacrifice games. Baseball is the only sport that has contracts even remotely as ridiculous as the NHL, and that's because there is no salary cap (and the DH rule let's players prolong their career in ways other sports can't).

I was pro player when this started because it was silly for the owners to want protection from themselves at the expense of the players. However, the NHL is at least trying to make this work. 50/50 is where this is going, and getting their money deferred is a starting point. The PA decided they were going to take the inch and reach for a mile.
Pretty much. Other then the few people on this board and probably the entire nhl fanbase that supported the owners, I think most were on the players side. I was impressed with what the owners did, which I think a 50/50 was fair. Yea some of their other **** was stupid but most of it was most likely meant to be renegotiated anyway (you know, choose the best thing for themselves and slowly go to what was fair).

Honestly though this showed that the players aren't going to negotiate down, and will only except an offer where they are making more. Wouldn't be surprised if many of the fans on the players side are shifting over now. 50/50 seemed fair to the owners, and even most fans. The only ones that didnt like it were the players since they want as much money as they can get.

Oh well, pack in and get ready for a full season lockout.

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