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Originally Posted by Trxjw View Post
When you consider the cost of feeding your average family of four, some people just don't have a choice but to go for the cheaper option. What's worse, is often times that "cheaper" option is still your largest monthly expense as a family.
Interesting because I WAS going to say I source all my ingredients from farmer's markets, farmers, butcher shops that I've been going to since I was 17 and even the soy milk I get is locally made and made right AND I pay less on most days compared to grocery stores. However, I realized grocery food here in Canada costs more. I'll give you the simplest example. Cooked barbecued chicken from the US Costco I visited. The price of the chicken is reflective of not only the cost of the chicken but also how much a meal should cost and how much an American family spends on their meal. The chicken has to be priced accordingly or else no one would buy it consistently as a easy dinner solution. It was selling for $5.49 for a large BBQ chicken that can serve 4 people. In Canada, a medium BBQ whole chicken is about 3/4 the size of its American counterpart and costs $8.99 so all things considered, twice the price. I source my food from the right places and I get better quality, freshness and selection + it costs the same if not less! It might be a lot more competitive in the US though... can't see how local food sources can sell at the same or lower prices compared to the already super cheap (at least compared to Canada) supermarket giants.

To be honest, the difference maker in a good diet isn't the quality of eggs or other tiny differences. It's everything that people shouldn't be eating and everything that people should be eating instead. Beef is horrible for a person's overall balance compared to chicken or fish. I'm not saying beef is horrible in general but compare to chicken or fish, beef carries various disadvantages that you won't even have to worry about with chicken, fish or turkey etc. sodium, fat, sugar, processed foods... that's the problem, not organic vs. non-organic vs. free-range vs. $1.99 or $2.99.

There's more unnecessary unhealthful additives and processing in 2 pizza pop and a soda than there is in a day worth of healthy proper food. Pizza pops don't seem too horrible and they're not but when you turn up the consciousness on dieting and health, everything that's not the simplest and purest comes across as bad.

I didn't sleep last night so if I'm confusing people, my bad.

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