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05-13-2006, 04:00 AM
Pere Noel
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Originally Posted by sXe
Certain GMs certainly have more power than others when it comes to getting UFAs. BG had way more power in Dallas than he could ever get here.
Bob had a lot of power in Dallas because

A) He had credibility
B) He had build a winning team
C) Dallas had the $

Now that the NHL has a cap... The money factor is the same for everyone. If you have cap space, then you have power

In Montreal, he stills has A) and he is getting there with B)

But also, he has two more things that most teams don't have

-The only French market, for returning French-Canadians:

Guys or whose wifes want to come back to the French culture can only do so in Montreal. Dandenault is a prime example.

-If you want crazy hockey atmosphere, Montreal is one of the place. It is the place with the richest hockey history.

Bob Gainey knows that... and he has already using that spin in press conferences.

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