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10-18-2012, 04:49 PM
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Just wondering something.

Basically I have the iPhone 4s and I encountered a problem.

I was tethering with my phone onto my desktop computer. My desktop has no wifi so I logged in on wifi on my phone and then used that internet for my computer.

Today I get 3 texts in a row from fido at same time.

"you are at 75% of your data limit"
"you reached data limit"
"you surpassed data limit, 50$ extra will be charged"

Thanks for the heads up guys!

Anyway, I called fido and was told tethering uses cellular data even if you're on wifi. Is that true?

Either way, any chance I can get them to waive charges? I'm not the "i'll leave if you don't type" but been there 4 years+ and kind of don't want to pay 50$. Never asked them for anything, will they actually cut the 50$ surcharge? I'm kinda asking because I have 2 weeks left in my month so I figure i'll go over more and more just from browsing and e-mails. Kinda don't want a ridiculous bill. Hoping they are flexible and will cut the charge and understand. Anyone have experience with this? I know some work at fido/rogers, any advice? I'm not going to bust balls, just hoping they can understand the accidental exceeding of my limit.

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