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10-18-2012, 03:51 PM
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Originally Posted by Gooch View Post
But I thought the Players just wanna play hockey? They're finally showing their true colors with this.

I'll be honest, I sort of was already expecting the season to be lost so I am not too torn up about this. I will say though I did get a little caught up in the false optimism the last couple of days. In the end I knew that Fehr will never settle for something fair and losing a season or tarnishing the players image never matter to him. This is a guy who took players on strike right before the playoffs happened in baseball. If you want to look at all time d-bag moves, thats up there.

For all of us fans though, he needs to lose [Fehr] and he needs to lose bad. I don't want him ever poisoning any other sport like he did to baseball and he's trying to do with our sport.
I fear you're correct. He's a poison pill