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10-18-2012, 03:53 PM
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Originally Posted by vikingGoalie View Post
we should get the title of this thread to thank Fehr and the players for losing the season.

The players got an unfairly biased towards them deal the last time around. Yes they will lose money on the next deal. Get over it.

Anyone have a link that details the players offers? As soon as Rossi was tweeting that the Union was going to offer up multiple offers I had a bad feeling.

Fehr has to go. I get some of the concerns that the players have on the last offer from the NHL, but over all it was a pretty damn reasonable basis for meaningful negotiations. Fehr and the players are risking alienating the hard core fans. Our only hope is this is all posturing and a deal gets done in the near term, otherwise kiss the season good bye.
Fehr will not release their offers publicly. I don't think the PA usually does, though.

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