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10-18-2012, 05:25 PM
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Originally Posted by LyricalLyricist View Post
First, it's more than 6 years since last lockout.

Second, you can't conclude cycle when it happened twice. The lockout in the past is not caused by salary caps as it wasn't present.

You can NEVER fix the gap between poor and rich teams but you can give them a fighting chance.

Also, there has been measures to fix the gap. You think removing front loaded contracts doesn't help the smaller owners? It helps playing field. See guys like weber wouldn't have got that crazy deal and nashville would've had a better deal.
Yup, it's been 7 seasons. The owners' latest offer (apparently "take it or leave it") is for 6 seasons with a mutual option for a 7th.

Do you really think this is the last time the owners demand a greater guaranteed share of HRR? From the moment the union agreed to cost certainty, this became a cycle. If you think 50/50 is the endgame, take a look at the NFL. These are businessmen. They may buy teams as fans, but now they find themselves in more familiar roles, they smell blood and can't resist.

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