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05-13-2006, 09:11 AM
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Originally Posted by Pere Noel
But also, he has two more things that most teams don't have

-The only French market, for returning French-Canadians:

Guys or whose wifes want to come back to the French culture can only do so in Montreal. Dandenault is a prime example.

-If you want crazy hockey atmosphere, Montreal is one of the place. It is the place with the richest hockey history.

Bob Gainey knows that... and he has already using that spin in press conferences.
I'm tired of beeing the retirement home for aging quebec players like Quintal or McKay these were the only kind of UFAs we could get. I'd rather we play the kids. This is the saddest "advantage" to have.

Every NHL city has "crazy hockey atmosphere" whatever that means. Players only care about atmosphere inside the arena and I don't believe they appreciate being spied from their driveways. So "hockey atmosphere" really is only impoprtant for the fans.

Tradition is the only thing this franchise has that others may lack but then again traditions are only important if you relate to them.

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