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10-18-2012, 05:33 PM
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Originally Posted by Minor Boarding View Post
You forgot the best part...The growth has to be around 7% yearly for that to happen. Good luck finding a way to incrasing league profits by ~30%.
Ofcorse I expect that the NHLPA has probably AGAIN proposed the year 5 rollback to just 57% they make right now.
Well thats why i really want to see the details for all 3 proposals.

In Fehrs press conference he used some interesting (i found funny) words. Also i added my Fehr translator

Proposal 1- "eventually" get to 50/50- in 10-15 years
Proposal 2- "will get" to 50/50 with 5% growth- in year 7
Proposal 3- this is the fishy one, players will be at 50/50 as long as they honor the contracts signed by the players. - we were tired and didnt know what other bs to put in here.

I would bet that each of these has some enron accounting associated with them, which is why im dying to see the details. I just love that Toews and Crosby were behind Fehr in the presser, like that will sway my opinion on this whole situation.

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