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10-18-2012, 04:36 PM
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Originally Posted by Edgeworth View Post haven't looked at the Isles have you?

The Leafs have a very small defense now wiht only bottom pairing Holzer and Komi looking like they could put up with PK time against high skilled or big bodied players. They don't have a top center, the third line is still a giant mess, and the only thing to the Leafs credit is the top six. And even then you're missing the biggest component, a quality 1st line center. Oh and the goaltending is suspect too.

The Isles look to roll into this season with:

Moulson - Tavares - Okposo
Nino - Nielsen - Grabner
Bailey - Cizikas - Boyes
Martin - Reasoner - Ullstrom

So basically a forward group that lacks in nothing. Maybe size? Very skilled unit with good two-way guys and a bottom line that can play extra minutes and toss the mitts.

Streit - Hamonic
Visnosky - MacDonald
Carkner - Donovan

A defense with a lot of 2nd pairing guys. Hamonic is really the only #1 but its not like MacDonald, Donovan, Visnosky or Streit are slouches. All could easily line up on 2nd pairings of any team. Carkner for toughness is great too.


Nabby is still a good goalie.

So you think this team, which is full of talent but has an unexperienced forward group but supports that with veterans on D and in goal will somehow do worse then the Leafs? The only issue is the division they're in and even then they can still make a case for the 6-8 spot in the conference.
Sorry EDGE, Im going to have to challenge you on this one my friend.

Lups > Moulson
Tavares > Bozak
Kessel >>Okposo

Mac > Nino
Grabo > Nielson
Kulemin >> Grabner

3rd line is a match

Brown >>> Ullstrom
Reasoner >> Steckel
maclement > Ulstrom

Now the D:

Phaneuf > Hamonic
Gunnarson > Streit
Liles = Visnovsky
Macdonald >>> Franson
Gardiner >> Carkner
Donovan >> Komisarek.

Thats 11 players to 4 with the 3rd line being a wash.

Both isles goalies are better than ours for now.

Again, IMO, Isles are much weaker than many think, plus, their management could trade the first line to Columbus for Dubinsky, they are that stupid.

give this team 3 years of develoment and things will be different, if they stay together.

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