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10-18-2012, 04:53 PM
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My thoughts on the Scherban firing:

It had to happen. Did it have to happen in this manner? No. I feel bad for him in the sense that he was put in a position to fail. He had no experience at all, yet was given the head coaching job. Cant fault the guy for accepting the position, but it was a very questionable hiring from the beginning. Why not hire him as an assistant or in some sort of lesser role for a while?

I think that this was the only way that he would have been fired any time soon, whether he deserved to be or not. I think he had, and would have continued to have, a very long leash in terms of being fired over poor performance. I do believe that he was fired solely because of the apparent walkout by the players. At the same time, I feel that there were legit reasons to at least strongly consider the move either way, and there have been for a while.

The team (and/or coach) looked lost at times. Over his time as head coach, we lost far too many games to teams that we had no business losing to. We were weak on the road and seemed to have a tendency to lay down in the 2nd game against weaker teams, thinking we would just roll over them as we did the previous night. Joel seemed to always place the blame on the players, which couldnt have made them happy.

This team is extremely talented and should be able to make a legit push for the OUA West title. I'd be disappointed with anything less. The only Lakehead team that I think was as deep as this one would be the team we had the 2nd year we hosted nationals. I will definitely give Joel credit for bringing in some big time talent the past couple of years. I'm very happy with the team we have.

I'd say the players put some added pressure on themselves to perform by seemingly outing the coach. Hopefully they step up and can consistently play up to their potential. This can be a very fun team to watch if that happens. We're still 3-1 and have played without our best defenceman, and arguably our best player from last season, in Fillman. Western comes to town next weekend for 2 huge games, which could end up determining if we have a shot at 1st place at the end of the season.

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