Thread: Confirmed with Link: Andrei Markov signs for Vityaz Chekhov (KHL)
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10-18-2012, 05:42 PM
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Originally Posted by JGRB View Post

Subban has played like a #1 (at worst #2) for the past two seasons. Markov has a total of 20 games played, 6 pts and a -2 rating in that time span. It's not about stats, clearly.. But Markov has been recovering from injury for the past two seasons, whether it's rust or regression in his game has yet to be proven.

What is proven is that Subban has played better than Markov in that time span, regardless of circumstances. Markov in his prime is > Subban (of today) AINEC, but we don't know exactly what Markov's situation is until he gets back in game shape. If Markov returns close to peak game, then and only then will I agree with that kind of statement.
Not that long ago, Subban was in coaches' doghouse. Not sure Markov was on anybody's doghouse in the past 10 years. Whether we appreciate it or not, whether we thought it was deserved or not, Subban is clearly not playing his best hockey as it's suppose to be since he's still fairly young, especially for a d-man. He has his ups and downs while Markov, healthy, doesn't have those kinds of mood swings. A healthy Markov, is our best d-man. EVEN if he never goes back to the dominant player he was. At least, that's my opinion.

Besides, not sure how you can really compare both players in a time span when 1 guy was almost totally out of the lineup. Subban was just better by being in the lineup while the other one wasn't. And you can't even use Markov stats since coming back from those tough years, it was obvious that he wouldn't rack it. But right now, with the rest, there is no dbout that people expect him to be on the first PP, playing his regular shift, playing in the first PK and be used in the last minute of a close game. That to me is enough to name him my #1. Mind you, Subban is not far behind as he is also used in most of those situations. But somehow Subban is still in proving mode as far as his hockey capabilities while Markov is in proving mode healthwise. But the day they are convince that Markov is healthy, nobody will have any doubt.

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