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10-18-2012, 05:46 PM
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Also, according to a quote Fugu dug up, Bettman says:

"This is the best offer that we have to make," Bettman said of the proposal from the league earlier this week. "The fact is, we're nowhere close to what we proposed."

So, if that's the best offer they have to make...why listen to what the NHLPA had to say today? Were they just assuming Fehr would show up to surrender? Hopefully they're willing to adjust if needed. I don't think they need to give very much more, but some flexibility is still needed from them...once the players move a little closer.

Originally Posted by toughfighter83 View Post
it sounds like they dont want any decrease in salary, which is not going to happen, it's all about greed with the players this time, they dont care about this sport, if they cared at all, they would have taken the deal with a little cut back and everything will be fine but they want more money in which the league cannot give.

feur is a joke, he ruined baseball, now he's ruining hockey.
The original deal was not a "little" cut back, it was a huge cut back. The players' proposed deals apparently descend every year from something greater than 57%, down to 50%...that's a paycut. So clearly they are willing to take a hit, they just don't want to take it all at once which is reasonable. The idea is to keep their salaries at about the same level over time, instead of dropping them down suddenly and waiting for them to rise again.

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