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10-18-2012, 06:47 PM
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Originally Posted by eXile59 View Post
Have to give it to Fehr & Bettman they are good at what they do. Fehr is at a disadvantage given he has to keep a bunch of players together to not play their game & make money but some how he fires them up. Bettman just has to keep a group of millionaires & billionaires together for the goal of making money. One of those is going to crack before the other.
Bettman also has a responsibility to the integrity of the sport itself and the competitive balance of the league. It isnt entirely about money, if you look at the details of the NHL's proposal most of it consisted of closing loopholes that big market teams were exploiting. The players have no care for competitive balance, they just want as much money as they can make. So yeah, from their perspective they're all about the cash while the NHL's side is much more nuanced.

It's a source of frustration that people conveniently leave that out when they just simplify it down to sides battling over money. The Players various proposals all involve allowing big markets to maintain and expand their dominance.

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