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05-13-2006, 10:27 AM
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Most overrated GM in hockey history. He gets all sorts of praise, but the fact remains that he inherited a dynasty and proceeded to win only 2 cups six years apart.... Sakic, Forsberg, Sundin, Nolan, Foote, Thibault, Fiset, Kamensky, Ricci, Leshychyn, Gusarov, with Drury and Hedjuk already drafted and in the system... Pierre Page is the actual architect of that team. Mike8's post above breaks down pretty good the guy's idiocy.

I said before the lockout that once the salary cap comes in, this would be Lacroix's true test as a GM and builder. He no longer would have inherited all that young talent, and no ability to spend gobs of money. I actually had a feeling that he might step down just to avoid the whole situation since it might impact his legacy. People would then remember the Cups and yearly contending, not the fact that he screwed up big time.

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