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10-18-2012, 07:05 PM
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^Someone tweeted Pacioretty saying not so nice things about the PA and Max responded with:

if what we do is so easy why don't you buy skates and tryout for an NHL team? I have devoted my whole life to my job

...cause, y'know, that always helps...

Originally Posted by DegenX View Post
Me too. My father lives and breathes baseball. I'm old enough that when I was a little girl, little league was boys only ... I'm his only child and he still coached little league. He is not a fan of Fehr, at all. When Fehr made his statement about playing under the old CBA while negotiating my father just laughed, albeit bitterly. Said that he's glad he's not a hockey fan, because having the same man ruin two sports he loved might give him a persecution complex
I was a Braves fan but the strike just turned me off of baseball for years and yup, ATL winning the WS the next year didn't help. I'd watch a game here and there cause nothing else was on during the summer, but it took me until only recently to get to watching again. Oddly enough because TBS no longer shows Braves games and I'm not about to pay for baseball, I now follow the Astros

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