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Originally Posted by Gooch View Post
Baseball still hasnt recovered from the damage he has caused it. Remember back when it used to be our national past time and hands down the #1 sport in the country? Football has overtaken it since then and even basketball has made inroads to where it's almost on par with it. Baseball has been the only one that has declined and you can absolutely point to that moment where Fehr lead his players to strike during a season and canceling the playoffs. What it lead to was a league that couldnt police it's own players with reasonable drug testing which ended up tarnishing an entire generation of players and record breakers. Salary expenditure differences that range from the extreme of NY Yankees of 200+ mill a season to the Pirates at 30 mil a season.

He broke that sport and now his sights are on our hockey.
That hasn't been the case for at least 40 years, it's decline has mostly been because baseball fans are dying off, not because of Donald Fehr.

In regards to drug testing, both sides were quite content to ignore the issue as it led to increased interest in the late 90s and drug testing was only implemented as Congress started to get involved.

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