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10-18-2012, 08:48 PM
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I was going to try to keep this to PMs, but I guess not.

I won the opening faceoff and saw you immediately went towards your zone with your center. None of your wingers came for me either. I started to skate backwards to gain some momentum to skate up the ice, but noticed you still weren't forechecking me. All 5 of your skaters were on your side of the red line. Why would I try to skate through that or try to dump and chase, something my small forwards can't do well? After seeing that you still weren't coming after me at all, I just stood there right inside my blue line, waiting for you to do something. Neither of us blinked, so after about 5 minutes of game time, I just took the puck up the ice and tried to work the dump and chase. I didn't even do it after I took the 1-0 lead. It only happened during the very beginning of the game.

I agree the 3rd period was a blast.
Jack's offense isnt great so he focuses on D to try and win games. Can't really blame him for that. (Though Jack, learning how to use your guy to forecheck can help greatly, remember that pokecheck can be timed to deflect outlet passes too)
Also see no problem with shooting for rebounds. people should be able to score with any non glitch/exploit methods. Shooting low for rebounds is fine

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