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The WS television ratings since 1984

ESPN story about MLB attendance since 94, article from 2004

"Attendance plunged 20 percent the following year, from a record average of 31,612 in 1994 to 25,260. Only this season, when crowds are averaging 30,513, has attendance approached its pre-strike level."

And from Wiki on steroids, both were against it, but it took the MLB and the Mitchell report for the PA to move on it:

The MLBPA was initially opposed to random steroid testing, claiming it to be a violation of the privacy of players. After enormous negative publicity surrounding the alleged or actual involvement of several star players in the BALCO steroid scandal, the players dropped their opposition to a steroid testing program and developed a consensus that favored testing. Under pressure from US Congress which threatened to pass a law if the MLB's drug policy was not strengthened, the baseball union agreed in 2005 to a stricter policy that would include 50-game, 100-game, and lifetime suspensions.[6]

I believe it was the MLB who hired Mitchell who did the investigation which eventually led baseball into congress

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