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Originally Posted by Gooch View Post
Baseball was the #1 sport in the country at the time of the Fehr lead strike. Since then it was passed by Football in dramatic fashion and is on par with Basketball. I don't know what to tell you if you cannot see the stark change that the sport underwent since that point.

Do you really believe that the drug testing issue wasnt being held up by the players union?

You seem to be content with letting Fehr lead the players through another season where they'd be on an expired CBA despite what he did with the baseball strike.
1. Can you back that up with any statistics? Everywhere I look says that football had at least double TV ratings before the strike and there was no noticeable drop immediately following the strike.

2. Of course the players didn't want to get tested. However, Selig was happy to look the other way while HRs skyrocketed and people were following the home run record chase in 1998 and subsequent years.

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