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10-18-2012, 08:09 PM
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Originally Posted by MsWoof View Post
I'm self employed, have been for ten years and there is no way I am going to compare what I do to what a league of 30 owners does. Even if I had employees, people wouldn't be paying to watch them work. You can't compare anything that we do to pro sports teams, movies, TV etc., it's apples to oranges. These guys have not learned to walk away from overpaying mediocre players and that is part of why so many of the have not teams are in trouble. The league was able to move Atlanta's team to Winnipeg and should do the same with Phoenix, that would solve a very big issue, but Bettman's pride won't allow it. He will go to his grave trying to get people in the southern US to love a game they have almost no interest in.
Winnipeg lost a team once because of what? Also, I guess you are in favor of moving the kings as well?

Both sides are at fault, nobody is disagreeing with that. Would it make you all warm and fuzzy inside if the owners came out and said they caved to the 57% on the last CBA to finally play hockey? Bottom line is the current model is broke. NHL players have it good in comparison to other pro sports. 57% is just too high for any pro sport. I understand the reasons for the players not to like it, but in reality they stand to lose alot more if the season is canceled. Not to mention the way they are handling this whole negotiation. At least bettman had the marbles to post thier proposal to the world. I would bet that the pa won't fully disclose thier 3 proposals. Fehr an the players union are just going to hurt themselves more if they continue with their current negotiation tactics.

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