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The Official Android Thread Part VIII: A slice of Key Lime Pie

Sined's Android Resources

Great Guide for Newbies to Android (with section for people coming from other platforms):

Beginner's guide:
So you're new to Android (or thinking of getting a device) what should you do first?
If you're unfamiliar with Android phones in general here's a crash course on what you need to know about navigation. All Android Phones come with 3-4 Android specific buttons.
- Home
- Menu (shows hidden contextual menu options)
- Back
- Search (not found on all handsets)
- Multitasking (only on tablets shows recently used apps)

Another thing worth noting is to become familiar with gestures, since all Android phones use touchscreens of some sort, tapping/presses, swiping, long presses (shows more specific menu options related to where you long pressed), pinching (on multitouch capable devices), etc.

First off you're going to need a Google Account, this will unlock all the great Google Services like GMail, Android Market, Goggles, YouTube, etc.

Now that you've set that up you'll want to arrange the appearance of your homescreen. long press any icons or widgets to move them around of get rid of them by throwing them away to the trash bin. Shortcuts can be added by going in you launcher tray and long pressing an app and droping a shortcut on the homescreen. Adding widgets can be done by long pressing the homescreen and choosing a widget (this is also the menu where you can change your wallpaper.

One thing you'll probably want to do off the start is get some apps. Once you sign in to your google account open your apps drawer and hit market once you accept the terms and conditions you're ready to download apps games and widgets.

For recommendation for apps check out these links: <<-------- Most important link

Here's another great feature of Android if you browse the apps through the website and signed in to your google account you can install them remotely from the website without needing to tether your phone to a computer via USB.

Sometimes websites will also show reviews of an app and include what's called a QR code.

These QR codes can be used to scan a URL using apps like barcode scanner and Google Goggles (highly recommended, it can identify art, landmarks and even solve your sudokus!).

For those who want to keep up with the latest in Android News and Reviews
General Tech Sites (will have non-Android news too)
- <---- Focus on Canadian content

Android Specific
- (of course run by yours truly with a focus on Canadian content)

Android Forums:

List of All Android Phones ever sold in Canada via a cellular carrier:

Device and network compatibility guide:

Recommended apps/mods/games/stuff to check out:
Video player: Rockplayer
Music player: PowerAMP
Increase your battery life: Juice Defender
Customize you homescreen: Launcher Pro or AWD Launcher or GO Launcher Ex
Want to secure your device in case you lose it or it's stolen, check out: Prey

As far as games are concerned you have the obvious casual gamer big hits, Angry Birds (all free!), Slice it (free!), Plants vs. Zombies, Doodle jump, etc.
For those a bit more hardcore here are some videos to give you an idea of games you can find in the market (this video is pretty old so there are probably newer version of the same games out on the market now)


Tablet Information:
(shamelessly stolen from XDA Eee Pad Transformer Forums but can be applied to most Android Tablets)

Software/Apps/Games Info:
Official Google list of countries supported for Android Market app installs/development (Market workaround details HERE)
List of compatible apps/games/etc
Office apps comparison thread
Game Emulator roms compatibility
Interesting apps to try out/show off your nice new device

Another Comprehensive list of Apps Optimized for Tablets

Using SIXAXIS on Android Tablets

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