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10-18-2012, 09:34 PM
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Originally Posted by SHOOTANDSCORE View Post
The more I absorb all of this the more I agree. Everything is a negotiation.

Maybe I just want it to be true.
I'm obviously guessing on what I feel, but I'm not ready to panic yet. It takes a lot for me to throw logic out of the window and what I see is:

- Bettman is a liar and thinks the public is stupid.

He told us the second offer was their best and the offers would only get worse if a lockout happened. Lie #1.

He told us the NHL would not release their latest offer publicly, because it wasn't beneficial to the process. Lie #2.

He told us the third offer was their best offer (again), then suddenly tells us that it had room for things to be negotiated. Lie #3.

So basically when he talks, I laugh and put no stock in what he says.

- Fehr knows his only real leverage is threatening the 82 game season. The owners want to play a full season, but they will only call Fehr's bluff for so long. Fehr can't make a deal yet, because his best chance is at the eleventh hour... Right before all is lost and things look bleak, I believe he will make his best offer - one the league can find common ground with.

- The players stand to lose more after missing two weeks worth of games, than if they took a rollback. They are bluffing right now IMHO and won't be stupid enough to lose more money than the proposed rollbacks. I'm sure enough players from the last work stoppage have told them it isn't worth it.

- Both sides know 54-53 this season is fair for both sides. Shared sacrifice, right? It's just a matter of posturing and hoping one side folds before the eleventh hour. Unfortunately I don't see that happening, which is why I said the other day to be ready for a roller coaster ride

- Right now it is all about creating fear and posturing to get the other side to fold first. Common sense will prevail at the eleventh hour though.

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