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10-18-2012, 09:41 PM
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Originally Posted by Whydidijoin View Post
I am staring facts in the face. I am staring your facts in the face. And they are saying the complete opposite of what you are trying to say.

As I said before, you can live in your crazy delusional world all you want. I enjoy logical and factual discussions. Unfortunately, I don't get that with you, so I have no desire to continue this. We will just have to see in due time who is right. Well, scratch that, it's fact that I'm right. We will just have to see in due time what outcome that results in.
You can call a chicken a duck as much as you want but deep down in your heart, you know it's a chicken, despite what ever logic you wish to tell yourself that the chicken is a duck.

Facts aren't, "You just gave me sources that prove me wrong but I'm going to say they prove me right anyway and see where that gets me". Or maybe they are to you. You haven't posted one fact, you've just ranted on about how terrible he was and about how everyone agree's with you except Carolina fans (Than called me a Carolina fan) and when I gave you posts that are clearly not from Carolina fan's you pretend they don't exist, you pretended like all those posts (Which are the majority on that topic in that thread) don't exist. There's stubborness then there's the dogmatic answers you're giving.

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