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10-18-2012, 10:06 PM
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first off, double standards. The NHL can put out insulting deals, and players are expected to negotiate off that to get to the middle. The players make moderate proposals and they are greedy ****** because it isn't the middle. Why can't the league counter a union proposal. Gary stole parts of the last CBA from the union, he can incorporate elements of these offers. These guys are getting pushed and they are willing to go for the ride, but for some reason no one wants them to get a say on how fast. Why can't Gary come back and say, "we'll cap escrow, or we'll phase the cap to 50/50". He gets a pass when he conceives these snake-like deals. Its on the union to work with that, but the league can't figure out a way to honor contracts. Its so one way on this board... for the simple fact that the players can just cave in so fans get their fix.

News flash folks, this cycle won't end until the owners find a modicum of respect for the power of the union. The league botched this with the first offer then locks out.

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