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10-18-2012, 11:16 PM
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Originally Posted by chet1926 View Post
Excuse me for not feeling a bit pissed at the NHLPA. They are grown-ups making millions to play a kids game that they love for a living and they are crying poor.

They made a choice to go play in the NHL, you are right there is a lot of travel and they have to be away from their families a lot, but guess what they made that decision. No one is holding a gun to their heads and telling them they have to play. If its so bad quit a get a different job. There are lots of everyday Joe's that have to travel a lot for a living. For example my sister is auditor for a major company. She has a husband and a kid, and she is on the road 2 weeks every month. And she sure as hell doesn't make over a million a year and works considerably harder than any NHLer, but she does it so her family can have a decent life, and she knows that if she doesn't want to do that anymore or she thinks she is being used by her employer she needs to quit and find something else.

I work my butt off every single day I work at minimum 50 hr weeks which is way more than any NHLer works, I don't make a ton of money, but I don't complain. I sure as hell, do what my bosses tell me to do. If I want a raise I go talk to my boss and he has the right to say yes or no. If he says no, I don't get to go on strike. My choices are deal with it or quit.

So sorry if I don't sympathize with the players. All them have better lives than 99.9% of us, but yet they still complain. I don't know how any of us could side with the players at this point. Think about this way even if they had to take a 15% pay cut (this would never happen) players like Matt Duchene would still make 5.95 Million on his contract instead of 7 Million. I don't know about you but I could retire at age 26 and never work again on almost 6 Million. Plus you think back to his last contract and at age 21 he has probably banked over 12M by the age of 21. Yeah I feel real sympathy. even like Cody McCleod have probably banked 5M over his career.

At this point the players are coming off as arrogant punks who are being fed poor information from a chump leader. The even sadder part is the NHLPA is being fed even worse information from probably 50 or so players (the highest paid players like Crosby and Toews). The lockout isn't going to affect them like it is a player like Cody McCleod. I guarantee you players like him are fuming mad, because they just want to play and get paid their checks because they "need" the money more. If players like McCleod were at these meetings a a deal would have been struck by now.
Amen bro, great post!!!!!

Though Chet I know you are passionate about this subject, but I don't think D2M was harsh against the owners as well. He might have a different opinion on this subject, but the first sentence was a little bit too strong.

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