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Originally Posted by KaylaJ View Post
Sorry, screwed that up. Meant to say something else with it but now forgot.

As for the WS ratings I think while they were already dropping like you point out, with the problems baseball was having with lack of parity, steroid accusations, and yes the strike, they fell more than the average rate, i.e. they were just as affected as the attendance. They may not have been where they were going to overtake the NFL, but they definitely lost a step they haven't gotten back. Kind of interesting considering Fehr acts like with no cap things are rosy.

Also, I'm gonna guess we won't find the TV ratings and even if we did we'd have to figure them out since back then baseball was easier to find on TV with TBS & WGN showing Braves & Cubs games. Now a lot of it you have to pay for if you don't live in the right market.
I couldn't find any thing on local ratings either. I only saw this chart on All-Star Game viewership but that is just similar to the World Series numbers and doesn't say anything about individual markets.

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