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10-18-2012, 11:17 PM
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Originally Posted by Inferno View Post
you CAN"T get to a 50/50 split out the gate AND honor existing contracts. Its idiotic to even say that. its mathematically impossible. it's like listening to mitt romney explain his damn tax plan. Math Mr.'s important.
you can't get to 50/50 in year 1 and pay the existing contracts in full. owners attempted to do it with the 'make whole' deferred payments that the players didn't like, but nhlpa should have countered that with a version that works for them.

the other option is a gradual decline. but the players want 54/52/50/50/50/50 but pretend it was 50 all 6 years. what are they giving in return for the extra 6% in years 1 and 2? how bout as a giveback for being above the 3rd year dips below 50 to pull the 6 year average closer to 50%?

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