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10-18-2012, 11:54 PM
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I'm pissed at the NHLPA because they are not negotiating. Every offer from them has them being guaranteed to make the $1.87 billion they do now as a collective . Then they offer this in some different flavors. The latest being a 50/50 split that is delinked from HRR and where current contracts are guaranteed. The idea is absurd, but still we have thick players trumpeting this as them being the constructive party.

Basically NHLPA has suggested that 57% of HHR is shrunk to 50% without the players making a single cent less tomorrow than today. I know hockey players are stupid, but even they should be able to see that it doesn't add up.

I know they are smugly claiming that their sides are coming up with creative ideas to solve the leagues problems. It's not hard to be creative when you ignore reality.

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