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League is so close....what/who drive a team to lead?

Facts & Open for Discussion and Opposing Opinions
Since my post Oct 13 and up until 11 pm Oct 18 I noticed:
CCHL League activity:
• There have been only total 22 posts on this thread
• 13 league games have occurred in the last 6 days
• Very few posts or nothing regarding all/any of the games – teams, players, goalies, coaches, 3 star selection (appearing now to be political), quality of refs and….who is doing well or needs to excel…

WHERE ARE ALL THE POSTERS (from the last 2 months)???
Online Game Coverage:
• How about the “somewhat subpar” new online FAST HOCKEY broadcasting for league games…that is not cheap?
o For some games at certain rinks…Can you say…”bring the “%$#*” camera down off the ceiling and capture the game/the nice passes or amazing saves that the announcers stated; which online viewers have no clue because we only get a shot of the lighting or roof of the arena?
o The video teams and game announcers (doing the best they can, at/with each arena) perhaps need to be supported/trained/paid by FAST HOCKEY to insure a great viewer experience. They are making $; what are they doing for our league to make viewer experience (at the very least) enjoyable???
3 Stars per Game: Question: who determines the 3 stars per game?
• Is this a home arena task, refs, point tabulator or a fan?
• How is a player chosen; when he has not really scored or majorly contributed to the game?
• Conversely: how does a goalie who had 20 shots (forget saves) get 1 of the 3 stars (maybe deserving), but a goalie on another team consistently takes 30-40-50+ shots and does not get recognized????
There has been 2_3 goalies that have endured a 50+ shots/game....should these guys not be recognized??

Your Thoughts?
Come on guys/ladies……lets get this thread going!
How about the game Wed Ottawa vs. Kanata? Thoughts?
o Kanata came out with drive; struggled 2nd period and majorly screwed their goalie in the 2nd and 3rd with a lack of focus/drive and way too many/all penalties in the 3)
o Brandon Lane (Kan) was spectacular; facing 57 shots: with having 1 -3 of his team in the box vonsiste4ntly throughout the game
o Charlie Millen ( Ott)was working hard, but had a tough night and saw 20 shots and gave up 6
o Ottawa appeared to have the more physically conditioned team with a drive to win with a lower ranking team
[]After the 1st, they seem to jump start their entire game plan and resources – by far the better all around better team
o Kanata was out of their comfort level with OJS after the 1st period….Kanata’s goalie save the day: standing on his head and attempted to make up for the Kanata defense weakness and needless team penalties with 57 shots and enduring 1/3 of the game short handed.
Ottawa looked to be the stronger; the more conditioned team during the 2nd and 3rd periods

Some Wacky things occurring in a tight league:
Pembroke takes Cumberland with the 8-1 win
Gouchester defeats SmithFalls 5-3
Brockville over Cumberland 7-1
Kanata upsets Ottawa 6-5 (should have been 6-3)
Nepaen sets the stakes with Kempville 7 - 2

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