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10-19-2012, 12:09 AM
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The NHLPA never should've had such a sweet deal in the first place.

They almost killed the NHL in Canada in the 90s.

What was the player share of revenue before the 2005 lockout? Something ridiculous like 70% or something, right?

WTF. Even NBA players were only getting like 55% at that time and NFL players less than 50%.

The NHL basically had to erase an entire season just to get these players down to "only" 57% (lol) and to get some kind of salary cap.

These players are full of it IMO. The NHL is a fanbase driven league, not a superstar/individual player league. Sidney Crosby can't carry LeBron James or Tom Brady's or Derek Jeter's jock strap or Maria Sharapova's bra (lol) when it comes to marketability, yet these players think they're the show?

The team is the show. The Saddledome in Calgary was half empty even when Iginla was scoring 50 goals because the team was awful. With parity, the Dome is sold out most every night nowadays.

The players had a long period of a super-sweet deal, the NHL is too weak and let them run around spoiled for too long, that's why it's taken two freaking lockouts to finally get them to even sniff 50-50, and the only reason they're probably even resigned to 50-50 now is because the NBA players took 50-50 last year.

There should've been a salary cap and a 50-50 split in revenues from 1994-95 onwards. The players have had it very, very good for a long time.

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